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Sumatra Asman Gayo Microlot

Sumatra Asman Gayo Microlot

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Tasting Notes: Berry Compote, Raisin, Brown Sugar

Origin: Sumatra

Region: Aceh

Farm: Asman Gayo Mill

Process: Washed

Variety: Ateng, Bor Bor, Catimor, and Timor

Elevation: 1300 - 1650 masl

This coffee comes to us from from a small mill in in Sumatra's coffee-famous Aceh region, ran by Cup of Excellence winner Asman Arianto. The Asman Gayo mill serves several small coffee producers within the Pantan Musara villages. Unlike many Sumatran coffee receiving and processing centers, the Asman Gayo mill is producing washed coffees, such as this one.

As a producing country Sumatra is historically known for its more savory, earthy, and herbaceous coffees. This expected cup quality is due to the country's common method of processing known locally as Giling Basah, or wet-hulling, a method developed to speed up drying and efficiency in the humid, wet climate.

Thanks to the careful handling of the cherries and the washed process used, the Asman Gayo mill has produced a truly exceptional microlot that totally breaks away from the expected flavor profile for Sumatra.

This coffee brews up a mouth-watering cup with a heavier body that fits perfectly with the jammy notes of cooked berries, raisin, and brown sugar.

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