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Rwanda Kinini

Rwanda Kinini

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 Tasting Notes: Pomegranate, Brown Sugar, Lime

Origin: Rwanda

Region: Rulindo District

Farm: Kinini Cooperative

Process: Washed 

Variety: Bourbon

Elevation: 1800 - 2200 MASL

Importer: Crop 2 Cup

This coffee is a standout microlot from the Kinini Coffee Cooperative in the Kinini Village of the Rulindo District in Rwanda. Kinini Village has 48 grower members delivering to the village's washing station where this coffee was separated out as a special day lot.

"Kinini" means, literally, 'this big thing right here'. The cooperative was started in 2014 by Jacquie Turner and Malcolm Clear as an ambitious dream to make a generational impact on the lives of their fellow Rwandans without having to continually fundraise for aid projects. They started with little knowledge of specialty coffee production and spent years working with experts across the coffee industry and traveling all over Rwanda to look for a community that was interested in such a venture and was conducive for growing good coffee. After countless hours walking around farms with agronomists and soil-scientists, they settled on an area just an hour north of Kigali. From meeting with farmers and setting up the land leases to providing coffee seedlings, technical support on best agricultural practices, building new washing stations, dry mills, and establishing an export company in Rwanda, they were able to go from nothing to a cooperative of farmers capable of growing 87 point coffees in their first year of production. Since it's beginnings Kinini has blossomed into a cooperative that produces some of the finest Rwandan coffees available.

This coffee is a super juicy and sweet washed coffee. We think it tastes like pomegranate, brown sugar, and lime. There's a few syrupy cola hints in there too. It's a dynamic coffee with a lot to offer and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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