Peru Cajamarca

Peru Cajamarca

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Tasting Notes: Dried Cherry, Red Grape, Sweet Nougat

Origin: Peru

Region: Jaén, Cajamarca

Process: Washed

Farm: 400 smallholder farmer members of Lima Coffees

Elevation: 1650–1800 masl

Variety: Caturra, Typica, Catimor, Mundo Novo, Pache

Importer: Cafe Imports

While historically Peru has been known to focus on bigger lots of coffees and certifications the country has been steadily emerging in the specialty coffee market. This particular offering was selected and blended from 400 smallholder farms in the region of Cajamarca by Lima Coffees. Lima Coffees is a grower's organization that represents 800 smallholder farmers in Peru’s Cajamarca department, providing farmers who did not previously have it, access to the specialty coffee market. The association's founder, Rony Lavan, has a passion for singling out and developing top scoring cups and has spent much of his career finding and elevating quality coffees in Cajamarca.

One of the ways Lima Coffees aids farmers in gaining access to the specialty market is through investment in fermentation and drying infrastructure that allows the cup quality of their coffees to reach continuously higher levels. Currently, about 80% of Lima Coffees producer partners have access to fermentation and drying equipment, a fairly large increase from about 30% of their initial 300 producers having such infrastructure when the association first began in 2016.

Regional blends such as this one give farmers, whose lots might not be quite ready to stand alone, an opportunity to break into the specialty market. When carefully selected and blended by organizations such as Lima Coffees, the resultant coffees can produce high-scoring cups ready to be sold on the specialty market.

Historically, Peru’s mild cup profile and relatively inexpensive price have made the coffees approachable and easy to drink. However with more and more interest from coffee buyers and quality development from people like Rony Lavan, more and more specialty-grade coffees are being grown and imported from Peru. 

With notes of dried cherry, red grape, and sweet nougat, our roast of this offering from Lima Coffees offers a smooth and sweet cup with a subtle but sugary lime acidity and a light body to help your eyes open in the morning or in the midst of a midday lull.