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Hoodie Season

Hoodie Season

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Tasting Notes: Caramel, Apple, Molasses

Process: Washed & Natural

Origins: Kenya Kichwa Tembo + Brazil Fazenda Alta Vista

Hoodie Season just might be the best time of the year. What's better than relaxing on the porch with your hood up and a warm cup of delicious coffee as crimson leaves fall peacefully from the canopy ablaze above? We'll let y'all think about that. 🍂

This blend is a yearly favorite of ours, one we source a special coffee for that we don't release otherwise. This year a deliciously savory and juicy Kenyan coffee makes up the back bone of the blend while a nice natural Brazil adds extra sweetness and body.

A blend meant for cozy mornings with a crisp in the air and a crunch underfoot. Hoodie Season brews up a sweet cup full of caramel, apple, and molasses.