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Guatemala San Luis el Volcancito

Guatemala San Luis el Volcancito

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Tasting Notes: Cacao Nibs, Almond, Caramel  

Process: Washed

Origin: Guatemala

Region: Santa Rosa

Farm: John Schippers, San Luis El Volcancito 

Elevation: 1400 meters

Variety: Marsellesa/Sarchimor

Back in 2016 we received a message from Paulina Schippers asking if we’d be interested in trying a sample of her father’s coffee from the family farm, San Luis El Volcancito. A few years and thousands of pounds of roasted coffee later we are so proud of what the Schippers family is doing and extremely fortunate to have found such a wonderful partnership with them. 

Named after the ancient volcano that provides the farm with rich, fertile soil, San Luis El Volcancito is a family-run farm founded on the core values of family, quality, and traceability. John Schippers oversees the day to day operations while his daughters Paulina and Danny run Dos Niñas Coffee Importers, responsible for bringing the family’s coffee stateside as well as distributing it. Fourth-generation coffee farmers, Paulina and Danny grew up surrounded by coffee and their love for the family business is evident.

San Luis’s focus on quality is at the forefront of what they do. From high-quality variety seedlings reared in a nursery and matured in rich volcanic soil, to carefully picked cherry processed at the farm’s on-site beneficio, San Luis is dedicated to producing consistent, high-quality coffee as well as continuously innovating their specialty coffee offerings.

From quality coffee to quality of life the Schippers family are doing great things for the community of 11 families that live on the farm year-round. Having built a K-6 school for the children of the farm to study and two new cinder block homes for the families they aim to continuously improve the quality of life for all the hard working people of San Luis el Volcancito. 

This years crop comes from the highest point on the farm, at the top of the volcano. The high elevation and highly fertile volcanic soil are a perfect combination to grow beautiful, sweet coffees. This coffee is washed with a correspondingly clean profile. In the cup we find loads caramel sweetness with a balanced cacao nib-like acidity level and hints of almond.

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