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Cold Brew Blend

Cold Brew Blend

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Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Crushable

Process: Natural & Washed

Origin Location: Brazil and Ethiopia

Spring is here and summer is on its way. The only way to offset the heat in the air is some cold coffee in your cup. Enter our cold brew blend. This is the blend we use as the base for all of our own in-house nitro and cold brew beverages. 

This blend features two coffees we carry as single origin offerings but roasted with just a little extra development to help increase extraction, create loads of chocolatey flavors, and give a nice, enjoyable, balanced acidity. This blend works great for immersion or cold drip (Kyoto) style cold brewing.

Crushable on its own or flexible enough to take milk, sugar, or your favorite flavors.  Brew some up in a Toddy Cold Brew System and get creative this spring/summer!


Our recipe for Toddy Brewing:

-1lb coarse ground coffee

-72oz cold filtered water

-18hr steep

Filter and dilute 1:1 with water or milk!