Uganda Gorilla Summit

Uganda Gorilla Summit

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Tasting Notes: Grape Soda, Dried Cranberry, Cedar

Origin: Uganda

Region: Bwindi, Kanugu District

Farm: Various smallholder producers 

Process: Natural

Variety: SL28

Historically, Uganda is not known to be a player in the speciality coffee realm. Most of the coffee grown there is strictly for local consumption. But a few people are spearheading this movement to put Uganda on the map for high quality coffee. Gerald K. Mbabazi started Gorilla Summit in 2012 to bring coffee from his village to the rest of the world:

"Our work is in producing coffee, however increasing quality (and therefore the price) goes far beyond coffee itself. Through the process of increasing the quality of coffee we have also addressed education, agricultural practices, social (family) dynamics, quality of living, and working infrastructure for local farmers. By addressing these issues, we are able to pay living wages to farmers and offer indirect support for our other projects such as clean well water, and higher education (building schools, even one accredited university) for the community. We are excited by the work we’ve been doing to support the local farming community and bring high quality Uganda coffee to the world, but we are just getting started."

Like with all of our African coffees, this one is roasted on the lighter end of the spectrum to really enhance the fruity characteristics and maintain that prized acidity that everyone desires. We're tasting a lot of grape, like concord, some dried fruit, something close to cranberry, and this really fun woody note that is shockingly close to cedar.