Nicaragua Maria Velasquez

Nicaragua Maria Velasquez

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Tasting Notes: Stone Fruit, Almond, Sweet

Process: Washed

Origin: Nicaragua

Region: Jinotega

Farm: Maria Enis Velasquez, Los Angeles

Elevation: 1300 masl

Variety: Red and Yellow Caturra, Heirloom Margogype

Importer: Gold Mountain Coffee Growers

We wanted to source a high-quality Nicaraguan coffee and in searching landed upon Gold Mountain Coffee Growers. Gold Mountain is a social enterprise committed to connecting farmers and roasters.

Gold Mountain was first attracted to Maria Enis Velasquez's farm from seeing her yellow Caturra shiningly brightly upon the landscape. Velasquez is the head of an all-female household and 100% in charge of the Los Angeles farm.

Already growing up to specialty standards, Velasquez had been selling her coffee far under sustainable prices at the local market for years. Gold Mountain helped her to get her coffee to a larger market and earn more for her crop. Through the partnership she hopes to invest in her farm and support her daughters.

In addition to exporting and importing coffee from their own farm, Finca Idealista, Gold Mountain Coffee Growers works with a variety producers of high-cupping specialty coffees in Nicaragua. They treat their own coffee and the coffee of their producer partners' with high respect, utilizing refractometers and special ripeness wristbands to ensure only the ripest of cherries are picked. Additionally, they pay meticulous attention to processing while maintaining 100% traceability. Gold Mountain empowers producers to grow their farms, increase quality, and attain financial security through microcredit and larger loans. Additionally they work with local communities on projects including running water, libraries in schools, and electricity in homes. They even bought a rainforest to protect endangered species and were given the 2016 SCAE sustainability award. All that to say, Gold Mountain Coffee Growers is an enterprise that we are very happy to have a partnership with!