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Honduras Juan Jose Ventura Microlot

Honduras Juan Jose Ventura Microlot

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Tasting Notes: Cantaloupe, Sweet Rolls, Marzipan

Origin: Honduras

Region: La Paz

Farm: Finca La Esquinada

Process: Anaerobic Washed

Variety: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, IHCAFE 90, and Lempira

Elevation: 1750 masl

Importer: Cafe Imports

This coffee comes to us from Juan Jose Ventura, owner of Finca La Esquinada in La Paz, Honduras. La Paz is an area famous for producing high quality, fruity-sweet coffees thanks to the region's high elevations and cool temperatures.

Ventura produces microlots with many different processing methods but this particular coffee is an anaerobic washed coffee, something we don't often hear about and not a style we've ever had in the past. Basically that means the coffee cherries were fermented in sealed containers for a period of time before being removed and "washed" clean of their fruit mucilage then dried in solar driers.

The anaerobic fermentation step tends to add heavier fruit notes as well as acidity and body. This is often paired with the natural processing method in which the cherries are dried with their fruit mucilage on, even further enhancing fruitiness and body. With this coffee being washed, there does exist a unique increase in fruitiness but it isn't overly-dominating, nor too acidic, and instead is backed up by a clean, sweet cup.

This one was fun to come up with notes for because it is honestly a truly special coffee. We settled on cantaloupe, sweet rolls, and marzipan as the best descriptors but we all tastes things differently, so we would love to hear what you all taste in it! 

Easy-to-drink, yet pleasantly surprising with each sip, this coffee will keep your palate guessing as it moves from hints of sugary melon to buttery notes of sweet pastry. Grab a bag before its gone!

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