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SOS Colombia

Cinco dólares de cada bolsa de café colombiana irá directamente a personas y organizaciones involucradas con el paro nacional para su protección y la asistencia médica que es necesaria. 

Many of us have seen the news of unrest in Colombia, a country deeply intertwined with the coffee industry. Beyond that, we cannot ignore that the events occurring in Colombia impact not only our industry but also our friends and colleagues as well as their families. 

For over a month now Colombia has had nation-wide protests against authoritarian and unconstitutional actions of the government. Police and paramilitary violence towards civilians, immense inequality in land ownership, annual incomes, and gender-based pay discrimination, discrimination and racism towards the Black and Indigenous communities of Colombia (in the name of the war on drugs), and corrupt government officials without the peoples interest in mind are all root causes of these protests. With COVID still occurring worldwide, a lack of vaccines within the country and the disruption of distribution due to violence has further hurt the people.

There are over 500+ missing (lafm), 2,300+ cases of police brutality, 43+ murders by police forces, and 27+ cases of sexual assault by polices forces, with all these numbers growing. Colombians are relying on their own video footage to show evidence of the merciless killings and kidnappings of innocent individuals because news sources greatly limit their coverage and downplay the atrocities. U.S. investment in Colombia has been largely geared towards a military strategy since Plan Colombia was enacted 2000.

For the month of June, we will be donating $5 from every bag of Colombian coffee sold directly to organizers of the national protest (paro nacional) in Colombia to aid protestors injured by police and paramilitary forces as well as long term education and movements occurring in post-conflict areas. 

This initiative was thought of, and is led, by a Hatchet employee who is a Colombian-American with the vast majority of her family currently living in Colombia. All donations will be sent to people and coalitions that are personally contacted, known, and accredited in being involved with the paro nacional. Due to the violence, severity, and lack of proper coverage of such events, anonymity of the people and coalitions is essential for their safety. If you have questions or want to learn more outside of some of the resources provided feel free to reach out at

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