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Up All Night - Virginia Big Eared Bat Mug

Up All Night - Virginia Big Eared Bat Mug

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Up all night with local celebrities (to us at least!), the Virginia big-eared bat! It may be spooky season, but there's really nothing scary about the federally endangered and important bats found emblazoned on this mug... except their potential loss! 

We are fortunate enough here in the High Country to have a population of big-eared bats that reside on Grandfather Mountain during hibernation and Beech Mountain during summer. Thanks to the efforts of our favorite local land conservationists, Blue Ridge Conservancy, along with NC State Parks, US Fish and Wildlife, NC Wildlife, Indiana State University, and NC Clean Water Management Trust those habitats were permanently protected in 2017, which inspired the first printing of this mug!

We're bringing back this mug from our native species series for a short run, just for October!

Check out the full story from Blue Ridge Conservancy here and watch the awesome video below to find out more about this important species!

Saving the Virginia Big Eared Bats from Appstate-Univ Doc Film Services on Vimeo.

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