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Java Riunggunung Estate

Java Riunggunung Estate

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Tasting Notes: Maraschino Cherry, Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Rose Petals, Tart Fruit

Origin: Java

Region: Pangalengan, Bandung, West Java

Farm: Riunggunung Estate

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Variety: Andungsari, Bor Bor, Kopyoi, Lini S795, Sigarauntang, Timor Hybrid

Elevation: 1600–1650 masl

Importer: Cafe Imports

Heavily fruited, floral, and complex with a juicy, heavy acidity, this coffee will have you looking down at your cup with every sip trying to figure out what's going on!

This coffee comes to us from the Cafe Imports Aces program. “Aces lots are small, exclusive, incredible offerings that empower coffee growers, showcase triumphant experiments and meticulous production, and revolutionize the coffee experience.” For a coffee to be “Aced,” it has to score a 90 or above out of the 100 point scale which is a rare achievement and something to be celebrated. When this coffee popped up, we had to give it a try. After roasting and tasting it we knew we were sitting on something special.

If you've come to expect Indonesian coffees to fall into the earthy and herbaceous category of flavor profile, this coffee is here to change that. Breaking from the country-wide norm of wet-hulling, this coffee was fermented in a low oxygen environment with lactobacillus added then naturally processed. This has totally transformed the coffee from a traditional, savory Java to something quite exciting! We love coffees that break from expectation in terms of flavor profile for a given region and this is one of them!

Riunggunung Estate is a 10-hectare farm with 9 hectares planted in a selection of different varieties that are commonly found in Java. This lot is from the highest point of the estate, elevation-wise. This section of the farm not only develops the most nuanced flavor profile for the coffee, but it is also a somewhat dangerous place for the plants: On very cold evenings it can potentially frost over, which can devastate production. The stress, however, is part of what contributes to the beauty of the flavor in the cup.

For this lot, only the ripest cherries are selected and promptly floated and washed in clean, spring water. Once the perfect selection is sorted, cherries are placed into a plastic, air-tight container, and lactobacillus is added to the tanks, mixed, and set to ferment for an extended period of three days. Once the fermentation is complete, the cherries are promptly moved to raised beds for an average period of 18-21 days and dried as naturals. During this time, the cherries are moved consistently to ensure an even drying process across the entirety of the microlot. After the drying process is complete, the coffee is hulled, removing the dried cherry and then milled to remove the parchment and sort by size, density, and color. The final process of hand-sorting is achieved with the help of the staff at the dry mill and the coffee is then bagged and prepped for distribution.

We wanted to create a custom 8oz bag to keep the price affordable and accessible so we put a freakin' bird on it. The photograph is of a bird that has been, in some capacity, part of our branding since our very first t-shirt - the pileated woodpecker. It was taken by our head roaster during a birding outing last spring and is a moment that many avid birders crave to witness! Ships with an extra little post card goodie. A special bird for a special coffee!