Honduras Cual Bicicleta

Honduras Cual Bicicleta

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Tasting Notes: Caramel, Brown Sugar, Nougat

Process: Washed

Origin: Honduras

Region: Marcala

Farm: Cual Bicicleta, Oscar Omar Alonzo

Elevation: 1750M

Variety: Red Bourbon

Importer: De La Finca Coffee Importers

Sugar, sugar, sugar, and some more sugar. Honey, caramel, cane sugar, brown sugar, simple syrup this coffee is full of so much sweetness you could be convinced someone handed you a cup of coffee with sugar stirred into it. This delectably sweet microlot was produced by Oscar Omar Alonzo, owner of Cual Bicicleta and somewhat of a legend at producing some of the sweetest coffees we've had the pleasure of roasting.

Oscar also owns Finca Californeo where he produces beautiful honey processed coffees that we've purchased frequently over the past few years. More to come on that soon. :)

Lot after lot, Oscar’s coffee continues to impress us. This is the fourth year we have sourced his coffee through Honduran importer De La Finca. Oscar is a good friend of De La Finca owner, Nelson, and one of the first producers they worked with when they first began importing coffee.

With a dedication to "hands-on" organic farming Oscar's continuous commitment to improving his coffee sets his lots apart. One example of his ingenuity in his practices stands out: he discovered that coconut husks retain moisture so he collects discarded husks and buries them in the soil near his coffee trees to provide moisture and nutrients in dry months. Oscar’s innovative farming practices and attention to detail has resulted in a seriously amazing cup of coffee that we can’t wait to share with you. 

In the cup we find tons of sugary notes, a delicate but juicy acidity, and a light/medium crisp body with a clean finish.