Honduras Chinacla

Honduras Chinacla

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Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Orange, Floral

Process: Honey

Origin: Honduras

Region: Chinacla

Farm: Finca Californeo

Variety: Bourbon/Icatu

Importer: De La Finca

We could not be more excited to bring back this offering from Finca Californeo in Chinacla. Imported by our friends at De La Finca, an organization committed to not only importing the best Honduran coffees but also to ensuring farmer's best interests. 

This honey-processed Honduran not only scores an impressive 89.5pts on the cupping table, it straight up brews a delicious cup of coffee. The honey process is a halfway point between the natural and washed processes. Natural process coffees are allowed drying time with the coffee cherry fruit left on the seed (coffee bean), while washed process coffees have manual removal of the fruit before drying. The natural process creates recognizable sweet and fruity flavors while washed coffees tend to have a "cleaner" taste profile allowing a wider variety of delicate flavors and acidity to shine through. Honey process coffees are somewhere between the two, some mucilage is left on for drying but not all of it. This often leads to the presence of a large amount of sweetness and balanced acidity, while retaining higher clarity of flavors than naturals.

This Finca Californeo Honduran is a fine example of delicious honey processed coffee and we hope you will join us in savoring it cup by cup!