Ethiopia Tega and Tula
Ethiopia Tega and Tula
Ethiopia Tega and Tula

Ethiopia Tega and Tula

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Tasting Notes: White Grape, Cane Sugar, Pear

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Tega village, Bonga, Kibo, Kaffa

Farm: Tega (Tega and Tula Coffee Farm)

Process: Washed

Variety: 74165, 74110

Elevation: 1830–1870 masl

Importer: Cafe Imports

Our latest washed Ethiopian offering comes from Tega and Tula, a specialty coffee plantation founded by Ahadu Woubshet. A former chief operations officer of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange, Woubshet found himself wanting a more hands on experience with coffee production. He believed he could build a model coffee farm that focused as much on the quality of coffee produced as it did on the quality of life of the people and the land involved.

Woubshet found his location in Kaffa, a famous wild coffee forest zone where some of the first Arabica coffee plants are thought to have sprouted and spread. Technically two combined parcels of land named after the nearby villages of Tega and Tula, the farm has made a significant impact on the local economy. Tega and Tula employs many local workers and pays higher-than-usual wages. Nearly 50 full time staff work on the land and processing facility year-round and an additional 350-400 workers are employed during the peak of harvest season. In addition to fair pay, Tega and Tula has contributed to local school programs, is set to build an elementary school, and sponsors a local scholarship that is awarded annually to two women graduates who plan to attend university. 

The farm's focus on sustainability extends beyond community to the natural land around it. Tega and Tula operates under organic growing practices and Ahadu is intentional in ensuring that the farm operates as a part of a healthy ecosystem rather than only for extraction of the natural and human resources.

Ahadu has renovated the entire farm with nearly 400 hectares planted with coffee. He maintains traceability down to the lot, being careful to keep lots separated by variety, particular location, and topographic conditions and solicits advice from longtime coffee professionals about how to improve his processing and achieve better prices. The commitment to quality and equity pays off: in the past three years the average score of coffees from Tega and Tula has risen from 85pt to an amazing 87.25pt, quite a large jump and a solid indicator of the intentionality behind this farm's practices and where they are headed.

This particular lot is called Kewo, a 49.82-hectare subplot located in the Tega farm. This subplot is where the coffee nursery is located, as well as the washing station. It's also surrounded by UNESCO heritage forests.

This washed offering from Tega and Tula is a beautiful cup of coffee packed with notes of white grape, cane sugar, pear, florals, and sweet bread. Delicate, soft, and sweet, this coffee is one we'll remember.